Assistive Technology

Adaptive Software and Hardware

Adaptive software and hardware is available in various computer labs and made available for exam administration based on disability-related need. Available software and hardware includes:

  • Braille writers (Duxbury Systems, Juliet Pro Embosser)
  • Screen magnification software (ZoomText)
  • Screen reader software (JAWS)
  • Tactile graphics (Tactile Graphic Maker Zy-Fuse Heater)
  • Text-to-speech software (Kurzweil)
  • Voice recognition or speech-to-text software (Dragon Naturally Speaking)

Alternative Format Materials

After registering with the ODS and providing appropriate documentation validating the request for materials in alternative formats, students with disabilities may be eligible to request course materials in alternative formats such as:

  • Braille
  • Electronic text
  • Large print

Students approved of alternative format accommodations may submit their requests through the AIM database. For additional information about how to receive alternative formats, please review the Alternative Format Policy and Procedure webpage.