Deaf and Hard of Hearing Resources

Arrangement and Payment of Interpreting and Captioning Services

If a student with a disability requires interpreting and/or captioning services for any academic-related purposes (e.g., class lectures, meetings with professors, academic advising, tutoring, etc.), then the Office of Disability Services (ODS) will pay for these costs.

If a person with a disability (e.g., student, employee, visitor) requests interpreting or captioning services for a non-academic event, the cost associated with providing the accommodations is the responsibility of the host department/program. Please be aware of the following:

  1. It is helpful for the interpreters or captionists to have access to any written material that may be used for the event (e.g., speakers’ transcripts, marketing material) so they can familiarize themselves with the event. The ODS can work with the host department/program and the service provider to assist with communication if needed.  
  2. If interpreting services are requested, two interpreters will be needed for any event that lasts more than one hour in length. The number of interpreters needed depends on the complexity of the event if it is less than one hour.
  3. Following the event, the host department will receive an invoice from the interpreting agency providing the service which will explain the scope of work that was provided and the costs for the services.
  4. If a department/program representative or person with a disability cancels the requested services less than 24 business hours prior to the event, then Texas State University (TXST) is obligated to pay the services for the full contracted amount. If the deaf or hard of hearing person is a "no-show" at the event, interpreting service fees will be billed to the department/program as scheduled.


The following webpages are designed to assist TXST's faculty and staff in working with students who are deaf and hard of hearing:


Questions regarding interpreting and/or captioning services should be directed to the ODS Interpreter Coordinator, Deidra Flynn-Dobson, via email at, phone 512-245-3451, or in Suite 5-5.1 of the LBJ Student Center.