Getting Involved

Student Organizations

The ODS encourages students to join organizations which suit their interests. Finding community within your fellow peers can enrich your time at Texas State.

Disability-Related Student Organizations

  • Logo with the text "Bobcats Breaking The Stigma, Mental Health Matters" in a circular pattern around a yellow smiling face. There is a red puzzle piece and pink brain separating the text.

    The purpose of Bobcats Breaking the Stigma (BBS) is to bring awareness to the importance of mental health not only amongst college students but also amongst the general population. Our purpose consists of educating the campus on facts, providing information on resources, and over all a safe space for those who may struggle with mental health, are passionate on the subject, and or willing to work towards spreading awareness.

    Bobcats Breaking the Stigma (BBS) Interest Form

  • Delta Alpha Pi Honors Society

    • Logo with the text "International DAPI Delta Alpha Pi Honor Society" over a light blue and yellow ribbon with a royal blue background.

      Delta Alpha Pi (ΔΑΠ) is an American Honor Society founded  to recognize high-achieving students with disabilities who are attending colleges and universities as undergraduate or graduate students. This dynamic organization celebrates and supports academic achievement, leadership and advocacy for post-secondary students with disabilities.

      The three Greek letters have specific meaning.

      • Delta – D for Disability
      • Alpha – A stands for Achievement
      • Pi – P represents Pride

      DAPi Interest Form

      1. Present with a documented disability through the Office of Disability Services or self-identified disability  
      2. Complete a minimum of 24 college credits (transfer credits accepted) 
      3. Maintain an overall cumulative GPA of 3.10 or higher 
      4. Demonstrate an interest in disability issues  
      1. Present with a documented disability through the Office of Disability Services or self-identified disability 
      2. Complete a minimum of 18 graduate credits  
      3. Maintain an overall cumulative Grade Point Average of 3.30 or higher 
      4. Demonstrate an interest in disability issues
      1. Recognition as an honor student who happens to have a disability.  
      2. Membership in a dynamic organization with over 3200 members nationwide.  
      3. Joining a community of like-minded students who also are high achievers with a disability and who support rather than criticize.  
      4. Developing or enhancing skills in leadership through activities such as holding an office or being a mentor.  
      5. Developing or enhancing advocacy skills for yourself and for others with disabilities.  
      6. Learning how to plan and implement programming to educate others about disability issues.  
      7. Having the opportunity to “give forward” by helping to lessen the stigma surrounding disability and demonstrating that students with disabilities can be and are successful.  
      8. Wearing the DAPi blue and gold honor cords at commencement/ graduation.  
      9. Having the opportunity to apply for the $2000 DAPi scholarship which is awarded each year to an active undergraduate member of a chapter of DAPi.  
      10. Enhancing your resume through membership in an academic honor society 
  • Description : Educating, advocating, and building community for the neurodivergent and mentally ill at TXST.
    Purpose : The purpose and mission of this club is to spread awareness and acceptance of intellectual and developmental disorders, advocate for rights and accommodations, and be a safe and accepting place for people with any neurological variations.
    Membership Requirements : Membership is open to all TXST students, alumni, faculty, and staff who have an interest in the advocacy for those who have intellectual and developmental disorders and related mental health concerns.
    Website :

    Meeting Location : LBJ Student Center
    Meetings : Tuesday
    Meeting frequency : Weekly

  • Description : Activities will include diversity and equal opportunity initiatives for programming and leadership development.
    Purpose : The Underrepresented Student Advisory Council (USAC) is a multicultural programming and leadership development council composed of various recognized university student organizations. The council welcomes and supports organizations whose majority membership includes persons from groups that have been and continue to be underrepresented in higher education and include a multicultural and cross-cultural educational component in their programming. The mission of USAC is to represent and promote diversity and equal opportunity programming-initiatives in support of a more inclusive society. USAC supports this mission by promoting events and activities that enhance a diverse environment here at Texas State.
    Membership Requirements : Membership is open to students in member organizations who are a part of the Council.

    Spring 2024 Meeting Information:

    Meeting Location : LBJ 2-20.0
    Meetings : Wednesday from 11:00am - 1:30pm
    Meeting frequency : Every 3rd Wednesday of the month

    For additional information, please review their Student Involvement Webpage.

Student Senate Representative

The ODS is looking for a student representative to sit on the student senate. This representative would work in tandem with our office by providing weekly updates to ODS regarding major items and all concerns directly related to disability services. This opportunity is a great chance for anyone interested in student government or looking to build their resume.

ODS Student Senate Representation FAQ's

    1. Attend Senate meetings every Monday in the fall and spring starting at 6:00 PM.
    2. Serve on at least at least one (1) university committee.
    3. Be an active participant on one (1) Senate committee.
    4. Be an active participant of a one (1) programing Commission.
    5. Log ten (10) hours in service to Student Government, including required Senate, Committee and Commission meetings.
    6. Attend four (4) required events per year.
    7. Be prepared to dress at least business casual to meetings.
    8. Comply with all Student Government Rules and Regulations.
  • There is a 10 hour a week commitment requirement which will be divided amongst the listed responsibilities. Interested parties must be willing and able to commit 10 hours a week to the position 

    To qualify for the position undergraduates students must have a 2.50 Texas State GPA and maintain a 2.25 Texas State GPA while in office. Graduate students must have a 3.00 Texas State GPA and maintain a 3.00 Texas State GPA while in office. Also, students must be in good disciplinary standing to qualify for this position.

    1. Meet the qualifications.
    2. Contact Dr. Harlan Ballard at
    3. Write a brief 1-2 page paper telling a bit about yourself and why you would like to be the ODS Representative. 
    4. Put in writing that you can commit to the weekly meetings and responsibilities.

Interested in Volunteering with ODS?

ODS volunteers work alongside our outreach coordinator to help promote and work our outreach events, speak at student organization meetings, and act as an on campus representative for Disability Services.